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Royal Oak Childcare Centre is a home away from home Childcare Centre. Our primary focus is to create a family environment that teaches kindness, love and respect for one another. Kindness, calmness, presence – are the essentials in our role model kit here at Royal Oak. Caring is as much a part of the curriculum as literacy and mathematics! Our main language is the language of kindness. That which is nurtured, blossoms and grows.

Some of our Children Centre features:

Activities your child will experience:

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education to cater for children from 4 months to 6 years old. Royal Oak Childcare Centre and Royal Oak Learning Centre are licensed separately but managed together. We are one big whanau that embraces a range of diverse cultures.
Both centres, which are within walking distance from each other, are well known for their homely indoor environments and natural outdoor spaces which speak to the heart.

We are proud of our child-centred environments that speak to the heart of the child. All our spaces, indoors and outdoors focus on natural open-ended materials that engage children’s brains and imagination. This is a place where they can not only grow but also blossom! 

Our homely, family environments are set up to create emotional safety. It’s only when a child feels safe they can engage in an activity and learn. Safety includes safety from overstimulation. Richness and nourishment for the heart don’t come from having lots of stuff around, but from select, carefully chosen items for children to interact with. There is beauty in simplicity.

Why Enrol at Royal Oak Childcare Centre?

Home away from home environment

Primary caregiving across the Childcare Centre

Low turn over of staff - most have been here since Royal Oak was established


Celebration of Chinese New Year 2024

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